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Lexus NX 300, Review, specs & pictures

Some time ago, precisely on the event GIIAS 2017 finally NX 300 was officially launched as a car SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) Premium class. The Lexus was presented to target conglomerates, especially the urban people with young souls. Not only that, the Lexus NX 300 was intentionally introduced in Indonesia to meet the needs of SUV enthusiasts who want comfort and luxury in driving. In fact, the appearance is also claimed not only as an alternative SUV but rather addressed to some consumers who are indeed looking for a super luxury car with high aesthetic value to get emotional satisfaction. In addition, the premium SUV that was formerly named NX 200T will also be present in the homeland automotive market with two variants, namely Luxury and F Sport. Where, although different but both variants have many similarities, namely both present as a premium SUV with a robust and sophisticated engine supply. In addition, what are the luxuries that the Lexus NX 300 has?

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When it comes to the advantages of the Lexus NX 300, it will surely be very related to some sectors of this SUV car. Both the exterior, interior or kitchen sector of the runway and its features. Well, from the physical design side of the expression itself, there is no doubt that this car comes with the concept of "Urban Sport Gear" which increasingly characterizes the appearance of more crisp and classy looking. Not to mention the interior of the Lexus NX 300 that is designed to be bigger with a touch of luxury and a variety of super advanced features that are ready to pamper its passengers. On the other hand, the machine that was carried by this car also did not need to be questioned. The reason is that Lexus will equip its current SUV with a 4 cylinder turbo engine with a capacity of 2.0 liters. Where, the car's engine is claimed to give the sensation of driving no different from the 3-liter car. Of course, it becomes a distinct advantage for this Lexus-made SUV. Thus, it is reasonable that the price is believed to be translucent 1 billion. To get to know more, just check out the full review we'll describe below about the specs and price of Lexus NX 300.

Review Lexus NX 300


Super Premium SUV with compact design style Usung concept "Urban Sport Gear"

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Stepping at the beginning of this discussion, this first segment will be filled with reviews on the exterior view of the Lexus NX 300 specification. As we already alluded to above that the SUV is directed by Lexus this one is indeed second to none. How not? As a premium SUV, the manufacturer has designed this car by carrying the concept of "Urban Sport Gear" which is a car called NX 300, it is better to prioritize the luxury side that combines with a sporty design. It also appears clearly when we see from each side of the body. First, from the front sector there is a headlamp with the concept of Iconic Lighting with Triple Projector-Beam and full LED that will certainly provide illumination on this SUV car to the fullest. On the other side, the fog lamp LED also included to assist the driver in looking at the streets while driving when the weather was bad or misty thick. Not to mention with the bigger grille made larger with typical Lexus Series is a blend of horizontal and vertical lines in the form of Spindle Grille. Of course, this will add to the prestige of the riders. Not to mention on the side of the body that is made more simple but impressed elegantly thanks to a large sporty rim that has a diameter or size of 18 inches. In fact, in the side, we can see how this window design of a Lexus car that is made of trapezium shape that increasingly looks so elegant. Not to mention with the chrome accent on every corner of the car an increasingly impressive aura of superiorly. Not enough to get there, even the premium SUV car that carries the name of the Lexus NX 300 also will be equipped with a tail lamp or a more modern LED-technology back lamp with a design style that is so futuristic. In fact, on the back also now already equipped with the opening of the luggage that has been using the Kick Sensor and Sequential Turning Lamps which certainly increasingly make the exterior of the SUV car is more modern and super elegant.


Cabin room equipped with luxury interiors Plus advanced and functional features

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Stepping on another sector, we will now review the Cabin Room section of the interior of the Lexus NX 300 specification. Not much different from the exterior side, where the interior of the Lexus-made SUV is also designed by promoting the impression of luxury in which every seat and interior wall of the car is made of quality material in the form of Leather Trim The edgy Style and Sophistication are so luxurious. In addition, the luxury of the car is also evident from the features of its very elegant front-facing dashboard. Well, the dashboard of this luxury car is equipped with Multimedia Display in the form of 10.3 inch Touch Screen. The touchscreen will display some of the system's audio menus as an entertainment feature to make comfortable these SUV riders and their passengers. In addition, there is also a Scout Menu® GPS Link introduces 3D which is very functional and interactive in determining location mapping. On the other hand, the dashboard is also equipped with Dual Zone Climate Control which is placed under the touch screen. Of course, it will provide convenience to the front passenger of NX 300 to regulate the temperature temperatures in the cabin so that the freshness is maintained. In addition, the car comes with a seating configuration and the best steering circumference to produce an ergonomic driving position. It's not until there, the cabin room of the Lexus NX 300 SUV is also quite spacious with the back luggage being quite relieved. So, it can be used as a media space to carry the provisioning quite a lot. Not reach it, even for its features, this car has been equipped with electric seat reclining, panoramic-view camera and blind spot monitor that increasingly emphasize its elegant impression. Of course, with all the sophistication of features in the interior sector of the SUV's specifications, the comfort and the sensation of luxury in driving will be increasingly felt.


Designed with dimensions fitting stretches Rigid Body Structure with Crumple Zones with sturdy suspension

Moving on to the next discussion, we will discuss the sector dimensions and legs on the Lexus NX 300 specification. Where, in this case Lexus has designed his own SUV with robust and sturdy frame structure thanks to the use of Rigid Body Structure with Crumple Zones plus dimensions are ideal. Not without reason to remember in more detail, the dimensions of the SUV car is designed with a length of 4638 mm, the width is 1869 mm, height 1645 mm with a wheel axis distance of 2659 mm and a weight of 1787 Kg. Of course, with these dimensions then it is no wonder if this 300 NX has The cabin room is quite relieved and the look is big and dashing. In addition, the Lexus Premium SUV is also equipped with a sturdy suspension in the Kaki-kakinya. Where, in this case SUVini car will rely on Independent type suspension MacPherson struts with coil springs, gas-pressurized shock absorbers and stabilizer bar and type Independent double-wishbone type with coil springs, gas-pressurized shock Absorbers and stabilizer bars. The two suspension of the Lexus NX 300 is ensured to be very reliable in maintaining the stability and balance of the car while riding in various road terrain, both on the rugged and off road roads. In addition, interestingly enough of this car is seen from the sporty wheels that use the size 18 x 7.5-in five-spoke alloy wheels wrapped in tires 225/60 R18. Not only that, even the SUV will be equipped with a powerful super brake Four Wheel Power Assisted Disc with 4 sensors in which each of the embedded brakes are equipped with braking technology in the form of ABS and EBD and BA. With such strong and sturdy dimensions, it will certainly make the Lexus NX 300 specification more secure and comfortable when riding.


Armed 2.0 Liter Machine produce Super reliable performance in its class

Well, now is the time for us to review the toughness of the kitchen sector on the Lexus NX 300 specification. As Mas Sena already alluded to above that it is not enough only the design and interior is super fancy even a SUV directed by Lexus is also armed with a super advanced machine. Not just opinion but rather the fact that the Lexus will arm this Lexus car with a 2.0 liter engine type 8AR-FTS-Technology VVT-iW Turbo 4 cylinders. Interestingly, the engine type and capacity of this car and kitchen technology is equipped with an automatic transmission system Super ECT 6 acceleration. Where, with the latest transmission technology, it is no wonder that the performance resulting from this SUV will be very gahar and reliable in its class. Moreover, with the combination of the engine and transmission, this SUV will be sure to be able to spout the power output of 235 hp and Torque 350 Nm. That way then on the other hand that Lexus itself has claimed, the Lexus NX 300 is capable of speeding from Silence of up to 100 KPJ within 7.2 seconds. While the maximum speed reaches 200 KPJ. In fact, the engine sector of the car has received an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (LEV lll) certification which makes it a fuel economy with a ratio of 10.0:1 and environmentally friendly. Certainly, with the reliability and toughness of the kitchen sector of the NX 300 specification is sure to influence the price becomes more expensive.


Super luxury SUV with Super advanced features

Well, once we've reviewed the space of the Pacer, not to be missed that the Lexus NX 300 specification has also been applied to a variety of super advanced features ready to pamper the passengers in every respect. Starting from the safety feature, where this car will be equipped with ABS, EBD, and BA brake technology that is going to make brake control on this SUV car to be maximal and prevent tire slippage or accident. In addition, the car will be embedded with 6 Airbags to safeguard or protect all passengers in the event of an accident or a violent collision. In addition, the luxury SUV Lexus NX 300 also participated and pinned some other security or safety features that are also not less sophisticated, such as Panoramic View Monitor, Back Up Camera with Dynamic Gridlines, Intuitive Parking Assist, SmartStop Engine, and Hill Start Assist Control. Not enough to get there, some entertainment features such as entertainment such as audio visual system touch screen and modern MID screen also presented in the interior of the cabin room dashboard that further complement the sophistication of this Lexus car specification.


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